12. Yuukei Yesterday III
Kanji 夕景イエスタデイ III
Rōmaji Yuukei Yesterday III
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 03
Chapter Chapter 12
Release date 2th June 2013 (Fan Scanlation)
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Kagerou Daze 12. Yuukei Yesterday III (カゲロウデイズ12.夕景イエスタデイ III) is the twelfth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


The Cultural Festival is drawing near and Kenjirou, Haruka and Takane are preparing their shooting game booth for their class. Several days later, Kenjirou steps in his class, while looking tired after having only one hour of sleep, due to finishing the game. He congratulates Haruka for his good work on the designs and is annoyed at Takane for her to sleep twelve hours straight, while he and Haruka only got one to three hours of time to rest.
Haruka discusses the last boss of the game with Takane, which looks almost identical to her, and names the game "Headphone Actor". Takane demands he at least change the coloring of the character, but Kenjirou states it would be a pain to do so. Takane counters it by mentioning the principal, therefore motivating Kenjirou to change the coloring. Haruka gives Takane a copy of the game so she can practice, while Kenjirou warns her to never lose, no matter what, and to show appeal to the principal. To pass its evaluation and to test her abilities, she challenges Kenjirou to a game but ends up winning easily.
Preparations for the festival go smoothly as they decorate their class for the booth, while other classes do the same. When the festival is about to start, Haruka is excited and nervous at same time, concerned if the visitors might find the game boring and not fun at all, but Takane encourages Haruka that it will be fine, since they made the game after all.
The festival starts and a guy with a fellow companion walks into the room, telling her that he would play the game and states that the game is bad anyway. The companion of the guy warns Takane that he is a semi-finalist of a game called "Dead Bullet -1989-" giving Takane determination to take on the challenge. She explains the rules and lets the opponent choose the difficulty. The man who challenged her then chooses the hardest difficulty, starting the game. Takane plays the game calmly and thinks to herself that the game is simply shooting down the monsters appearing on the screen, allowing the true ability of the player to show.
Takane wins the game with the score of 268000 to the opponent's score of 114000 points. With the guy surprised to his defeat, he recognizes Takane as "Lightning Dancer Ene", as he saw her in the tournament hall of the game "Dead Bullet -1989-".
The Chapter ends with younger Shintaro visiting the festival with Ayano, and with the figures of Kano and Kido shown.


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