08. Souzou Forest I
Kanji 想像フォレスト I
Rōmaji Sōzō Foresuto I
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 02
Chapter Chapter 08
Release date March 27, 2013
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Kagerou Daze 08. Souzou Forest I (カゲロウデイズ08. 想像フォレスト I) is the eighth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


After collapsing in the previous chapter, Shintaro wakes up to find himself surrounded by a group of people who call themselves the Mekakushi Dan; and one of them, is his own sister, Momo. Kano introduces all the members of the Mekakushi Dan including Ene as the 6th Member. Shintaro finds himself joining the group without having the option to decline. With Ene wanting to go to an amusement park, the gang agreed to go too but with the shopping mall closed because of the terrorist incident they end up going to another amusement park in the outskirts of town. 
While on the way to the amusement park, Momo complains on how can Shintaro wear such a thick jersey on a hot summer day, Shintaro countering his sister's complain, comments on her weird hoodie as a jacket in a punishment game.
When Shintaro and the others reach their destination, they also met up with Kido and Kano as they walk out the bus. Marry wanted to ride a roller coaster so they all agreed to go but Shintaro realizes that he is not good with rides like that but is forced to ride it anyway. The ride started with Shintaro and Kido screaming and everyone having fun. The Chapter ended with him vomiting after the ride.



  • The translated title by Yen Press is "Retrospect Forest" but is not used for the title of this article due to that this translation is literal and not used by fans.

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