07. Mekakushi Chord IV
Kanji メカクシコード 4
Rōmaji Mekakushi Kōdo 4
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 02
Chapter Chapter 07
Release date January 30, 2013 (fan translation)
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Kagerou Days 07. Mekakushi Chord IV (カゲロウデイズ07.メカクシコード 4) is the seventh chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


The chapter starts off with Momo using her eye power, and finds out that everyone is looking away from her and Marry, and there are 9 terrorists on the floor they are on. Her plan to save everyone and Shintaro is put into motion from there on. Her plan begins, and her, Marry and Kido push a T.V. down to the floor to gather everyone's attention. After Momo, tells Kido to push down the speakers and a shelf. The head terrorist takes out his gun demanding to know who is there. Though too late, since Marry, Kido and Momo have pushed the shelf behind him onto him, trapping him under it.

Shintaro runs toward the computers and plugs Ene in. Though he almost got shot and faints. The shutters start to open, and the police come in. Momo starts to negate Kido's Concealing Eyes. After she captivates everyone with her eyes, Marry activates her Staring Eyes and temporarily stuns the hostages and the terrorists. After the police behind the shutters come in, Kido's concealing effect is on again, and the members congratulate themselves on completing their achievement.

After talking about how Momo came up with her plan, they turn around to see Marry in front of a police officer. Kido, and Momo become extremely worried since Marry becomes questioned by the police officer, and Kano is just laughing so hard he's crying tears of joy. As more police officers come, Marry panics, and points to where the Mekakushi-Dan is. A police officer accidentally kicks Kano, and Kido's concealment ability wears off. The stunning also wears off, but Kido has already activated her ability again.

Kido tells Kano to carry Shintaro, but while Kano doesn't want to, he makes a joke saying "...Not a bother at all! I would love to bring dat body back!" Which causes Kido to prepare to beat him up, but he apologizes while giving Shintaro a piggyback ride. Ene notices Momo, and asks her where Shintaro is. Momo says to Ene that she will tell her later. Momo tells Marry that she was very happy and Marry replies that she was happy as well. The chapter ends with Ene asking Momo about the rumored Yuri, but Momo turns off Shintaro's phone before she can say anything else.


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