05. Mekakushi Chord II
Kanji メカクシコード 2
Rōmaji Mekakushi Kōdo 2
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 02
Chapter Chapter 05
Release date November 04, 2012 (Fan Translation)
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Kagerou Daze 05. Mekakushi Chord II (カゲロウデイズ05.メカクシコード 2) is the fifth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


The group arrives at the mall and enters. Kido immediately suggests that they should take the stairs. As Momo asks for the reason, Kido explains that her power would lose it's effect if people who aren't hidden touch her, since she didn't use her power on them. As they want to continue their way, Kano asks Momo if she's alright, since she looked kinda pale. Momo accidentally blurts out about seeing Shintaro before, leaving the others of the group confused for a moment. She then says that they shouldn't mind that fact.
As they continue their way, Momo gets concerned about Marry as she notices her panting. Apparently one of the cups that broke due to Marry's clumsiness. The group decides to visit the amusement park after buying a new cup for Marry, as Momo suddenly spots Shintaro walking by. Out of panic she stumbles and accidentally pushes Kido against Shintaro. Momo then remembers what Kido said about her ability breaking if someone touches her and panics, while Kido is seen by her brother. Shintaro gladly doesn't notice Momo and quickly apologizes to Kido. As she turns to Momo again and activates her power for another time, leaving Shintaro confused about where she went, she asks her if he knows him, but Momo denies. Though Kano confirms it by stating that Momo called him "Onii-san!" when she saw him. He also adds that Momo and Shintaro have a similar vibe, before trying to take back his words as he sees that Momo gets angry by being compared to her brother.
At the electronics department, Kido says that her power will be reduced. Though they will get noticed, the storekeeper will still see them as a forgettable customer. She explains that it's likely for Momo to be noticed by Shintaro as he is someone she spent a lot of time with, seeing as they grew up together. They agree to avoid Shintaro, despite Kano's wishes to have fun with Momo's brother.
Suddenly Kano spots the terrorists setting up bombs. He asks Kido for orders and he is instructed to get Shintaro. As Kido explains the situation to Momo, a piece of dynamite is seen, having only 3 seconds left until it explodes. Their plans seem too late as the bomb already explodes on the last page.


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