01.1 Gunjou Rain
Kanji 群青レイン
Rōmaji Gunjou Rain
Chapter Information
Volume N/A
Chapter Chapter 01.1
Release date August 15, 2012
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N/A 01. Jinzou Enemy I

Kagerou Days 01.1 Gunjou Rain (カゲロウデイズ01.1 群青レイン) is an extra chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga, which is featured in the Children Record Booklet.


This chapter is an extra chapter. We see young Marry sleeping while it rains outside. Shion notices the rain is letting up and wishes it could rain forever. She knows if the rain lets up, Marry will surely dash outside since she is fascinated by it. She wants it to keep raining so Marry is unable to go outside. Then some flash back of Shion and her father is seen. Shion knows that Marry, at the time, is unable to control her powers, so she cannot meet the average human eye. She begins to write in a book where she expresses her love for her daughter.
She writes, "The seasons will pass, and when you've gotten older, I hope that one day, you'll come to love the world (with your eyes). Marry, I love you."
The present Marry, who is now with the Mekakushi Dan, cries as she reads her dead mother's words while it rains outside. One of the members calls Marry for dinner and she leaves the book. We can see that the book has Marry's name on it. This chapter is for Shion's song Gunjou Rain.


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