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Hice a Mekakucity actors en Gacha life

No tengo a Konoha porque solo me dejaros 8 personajes
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Bueno soy fan de Mekakucity actors voy empezando ver el manga 😂

Bueno Mekakucity actors es mi anime favorito por el momento el personajes favoritos son kido,seto,kano,marry,momo,ene, shintaro, hibiya, Konoha bueno todos hasta los villanos los secundarios todo de todito wey...

Me llamo Galaxy Chan verano me pueden buscar en Youtube chao los quiero mucho *abrazo grande*

El que entienda mi idioma español
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• 2/15/2019

All routes seems to be connected.

I am not sure if everyone already knows this, all routes in Kagerou Project are all connected.

The answer is in the official website, and quite easy to find.

For those who are interested in this, you can go down below the official website, and click





and read the introduction I circled with a red pen

(You can switch languages in the upper right corner.)

Sorry, if there are too many grammar errors, my English is kind bad?...

Official Website:


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• 2/6/2019

Additional Memory Poll

So, this time, I've thought up an new idea: I'll be making a poll regarding our beloved song, Additional Memory.

Since our fanbase is scarse, I'm making this poll on as much platforms as I'm familiar with, and this forum is one of them. Even though there's quite litteraly only one person that actually responds to comments... (sorry guys, not really paying much attention to news nor have I still fully learnt japanese...)

But who knows? Maybe people will find this interesting, and might try participating. So here's how we (the two of us?) will be doing it: I will ask you a question, and then I'll give you answers with numbers on them, and all you have to do is comment the number(s) you agree with. Yep, you can choose multiple answers, which is kind of the whole point of this.

Still, it would be nice if you added some brief explanation (or be a total maniac and make an essay like me, anything's fine really).

And the question is: What is the song "Additional Memory" talking about?

1. Ayano's SUICIDAL thoughts (example: fear of dying, doubt of the choice etc.),

2. Ayano's thoughts of what led her to commiting suicide,

3. Ayano's thoughts about her unrequited love, Shintaro.

Yes, that's it. Yes, I know, it looks really simple, but trust me, there is much more to this song than it meets the eye ;) (no pun intended).

But please keep in mind that what I'm asking here is your honest general opinion of the song, or in other words, how you recieved it. And if you experienced the song in more ways than one on several occasions, that would be interesting as well...

But in any case, I'll eagerly be waiting for other people's opinions, so even if you're not sure, it's fine, don't hesitate. As for where I'll be releasing full results of this multi-platform poll (if I actually get some), it will most likely be on the platform that had the most entries. Which will certainly NOT be this one. But don't worry! I'll of course be posting the link to whatever, and there, with the results, you'll also see my perspective of things and all of the explanations you could ever imagine for it.

And of course, I thank you (singular?) for sticking with me till now, and also for your contribution in advance. Ok, I really need to stop with the "dead fandom" jokes...

But yeah, I'll be looking forward to it, and I hope everyone else will as well.
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• 1/31/2019

Does anyone know what Imaginary Reload is about

I was looking at the reload songs, and I saw the song "Imaginary Reload" (イマジナリーリロード) and I can't seem to find what the lyrics are talking about. Is it another one of those "intro" songs like Children Record or does it talk about a character?

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• 1/31/2019


いたらイイネくれよっ よろしくっ(*`・ω・)ゞ

Pretense please!!


I'm sorry
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• 1/30/2019

UwU hi there,

My favorite character is Haruka. I don't really understand what happend to him.... He is in heat haze right? Why he doesn't come back? because of he died in our world? Takane loves him right? i really want both of them to be happy.
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• 1/16/2019
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• 12/31/2018

Cutest tsundere

Ok I just find something the cutest thing

Takane(ene) is the cutest tsundere ever
In the history of tsundere ever
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• 12/10/2018


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• 11/22/2018

Did you know that Jin stated Haruka and Shintarou get married in Route M...?

It's not a joke I hope. My life depends on it... (Several people are talking about it on twitter.)

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• 11/8/2018

Who is this?

I was scrolling through Tokyo Otaku Mode and realised that there was new merch available. I looked through a couple of them and when I got to the Kagerou Project Constellation acrylic figures I came across this character. Are they perhaps one of Azami's snakes? Maybe the Snake Of Clearing Eyes? That's what the scales tell me.

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• 10/21/2018

Is Wannyanpu not part of the Kagepro crew anymore?

Just noticed that she hasn't really posted anything for Aug. 15 (that I'm aware of) and seems to be absent from the past few kagepro MVs

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• 10/19/2018

Remind Blue is Seto’s song?

Jin recently posted the Mekakucity Reload album crossfade on youtube and I read some of the Japanese comments guessing which song is about who. Every single comment that I had read posting about that stated that Remind Blue was Seto’s song. I re-read the lyrics of remind blue and got really confused because I thought that Remind Blue was a Yuukei Quartet song. The lyrics were very subtle but I feel that the lyrics are more well-suited towards maybe Haruka, and Jin had once said that Haruka didnt really have a song. Maybe Lost Day Hour is Haruka’s song? Im still really confused since Remind Blue’s lyrics don’t remind me of Seto at all. Did Jin reveal that Remind Blue was Seto’s song somewhere like maybe his twitter? Even so, Seto only has one song so it would also be really nice if he had another one, it’s just that Remind Blue doesn’t really fit him in my opinion.

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• 10/1/2018


A little late here, but did anyone else notice the new, final song Additional memory? I just noticed it, and apparently it was published on 14th september (yea, this year). Now I understand what the guy below me was saying...

Anyways, it features Ayano's (the single best character btw) perspective on Lost Time Memory.

I guess that would explain why there is so much more influx of Ayano on pixiv. My collection of Ayano's pictures grew quite a bit in the last few weeks, too bad Jin says it's the last song, so I guess this is about it for our fandom...

...or is this that one push that will revive it?
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• 10/1/2018

Can This Anime Become A Game

i mean like VN or RPG thingy like Mansion one?
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• 9/14/2018

Holy balls

Additional meomry?
(And sad in the same time
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• 8/15/2018


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• 8/14/2018


The 3rd album is coming!(hyped
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• 7/19/2018

Any Shintarou head canons?

Do you have weird head canons of him? [Dirty and embarrassing one's are okay too...] 'Cause a rotten HikiNEET like Shin would have a lot of those dark secrets...
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